Civil Marriage ceremony non religious wedding for people of all religions and beliefs.

Covers  your wedding & all required marriage documents.  
Quick, easy, simple Wedding.

We do better than Govt prices, no government penalties,
better dates & times
and plenty of free parking here.

  9 Middle St  Hadfield.   (GLENROY)

  PHONE:  every day 
               (03) 9323 5477 1pm - 10pm
              Let it ring, it will transfer direct to me
BUDGET MARRIAGE IN OUR WEDDING OFFICE.government registry authorised
  • A no fuss wedding ceremony  
  • Bride, Groom and up to four (4) guests. 
  • Held in my office, or in our gardens. 
  • Days & times limited.  

ü  Better than Govt. prices
ü  Better choice of dates & times.
ü  We don't charge the expensive Govt. Penalty fees..
ü  Parking ? Think about parking in the city, for you and your guests.
ü  Better  Plenty of parking here.
ü  Better  Our services and availability are much better.
ü  Better  Everything included, if you want something quick, easy and not expensive,
ü  Better resources to be married here quickly and for any special reason  
                 including Visa, health, employment, financial, or legal reasons.
  PHONE:  every day 
               (03) 9323 5477 1pm - 9pm
              Let it ring, it will transfer direct to me

                                                          You need a Compulsory Notice Of Intended Marriage 
lodged with me at least one month before your marriage
            Download one here. Government marriage form

Complete the notice as much as you can then e-mail to me 
with details of when you would like to get married 
I will check it for you and contact you to arrange a meeting.
If your partner is away or overseas, 
You complete your details & as much of your partners as you can. 
I can witness your signature at our meeting and make all the arrangements.
 I can see your marriage partner later.
Support for your partners Visa is not included in this budget wedding.
I can support you, there is a fee.
The full amount must be paid at our meeting when booking
 I will prepare your ceremony, check all the documents,
conduct the ceremony and give to you a
Ceremonial marriage certificate on the wedding day.
          Check list
          For your meeting with me, please bring:
          [  ] Birth certificate and or passport.
          [  ] Divorce papers. (or if your spouse is deceased, death certificate)
          [  ] $*  covers  your wedding & all documents,
                                       (Sorry no Eftpos or ATM machine here, no credit cards)
Mal Abrahamsen 
            9 Middle St  Hadfield.  (GLENROY)

  PHONE:  every day 
               (03) 9323 5477 1pm - 10pm
              Let it ring, it will transfer direct to me

* Not available with any other offer.
 *Discount price does not include use of our Wedding Chapel.
 *Our fees include your marriage ceremony, all pre marriage government paperwork,
and lodging the marriage documents with the Government BDM
 Licenced & Govt. authorised Marriage Celebrant, 
This business is Government approved and registered.

Fully insured marriage celebrant.