We conduct gay marriage weddings all Melbourne suburbs. Free wedding Chapel government registry authorised

Marriage Celebrant 
Mal Abrahamsen. Over 300 marriage ceremonies conducted.

JUSTICE EQUALITY FREE TO MARRY FOR ALL GAYS & LESBIANS. government legislation requested.

Marriage means 
the joining of two.    

Same-sex couples can lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage with me to cover all legal requirements under the Australian marriage laws.
I can also support your immigration Visa

Contact me to commence the one month minimum notice period required before 
the solemnisation of marriages under the Marriage Act, (updated today)
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Government approved marriages. *****

Many years service to the Gay community.
Appointments: Free and no obligation
  William St. Melbourne 10am - 3pm
10am - 8pm  9 Middle St Hadfield(nr N. Coburg)

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PHONE Mal:  any day 10am - 7pm
Mob 0414 317 340
(03) 9323 5477

Simply and fairly, marriage equality is now law!
Our country can be truly proud   all couples equal in Australia.
No words can do true justice to how momentous, 
meaningful and powerful this achievement is. 
For the couple who have been waiting 50 years to propose,  
The relationships of LGBTI people can finally be seen as they are: 
equally loving, committed, meaningful 
and worthy of recognition and celebration.
Together we have achieved something historic by bringing people together. 
From those who marched in the first Mardi Gras in 1978, 
to those who marched for YES this year — 
united continuing to advance the cause of a decades-long struggle 
for fairness and equality for all.
          NOW      IT  IS                                                                                                                                                             
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      Equality & Justice for all.  Weddings conducted in your choice of venue:                                                     
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Marriage, commitments, weddings. Gay & Lesbian Marriages, weddings, gay commitments  government registry authorised to conduct marriages.Our free Chapel,
Its all yours..  free !                            
Plus our great gardens
A BBQ at your home,
a restaurant, a local parks
All Melbourne suburbs and
all Country towns.
Our wedding gardens.                                            Click on pic to enlarge

Our Wedding Chapel,, free to use, for gay marriages. Gay & Lesbian Marriages, weddings, gay commitments
 You will have a wonderful ceremony    
you are joined together legally married.  
Ceremony wording expertly crafted to what you want and how you like it.
My expert team prepare weddings for people of all nationalities, all countries, all persuasions 
    there are many ideas and many marriage and wedding rituals to choose from.

    Our free Chapel for you to celebrate your marriage

Marriage, commitments, weddings all Melbourne. Male Celebrant                                      RAINBOW FLAG LGBTIGay & Lesbian Marriages, weddings, gay commitments. Government legislation pending.
Marriage, a form of true love. Gay & Lesbian Marriages, weddings, gay commitments. Government legislation pending.

You can have a huge fantabulous wedding at any venue 
that you choose anywhere in Victoria 
a Wedding Reception Venue, a restaurant, a park, your back yard.
An alternative to a big expensive wedding.
Just a simple, "civil registry office style" marriage  
in our office.
Our Wedding Chapel which is very nice 
and is here for you to use
 at 9 Middle St Hadfield..

Call Mal 
        PHONE:  every day  (03) 9323 5477 10am - 9pm

Mob: 0414 317 340


Fantastic same sex wedding:  2016
The level of service given by Mal is fantastic. 
We had a lovely gay wedding held at a reception centre in Melbourne.
We didn't want to wait, so we had our wedding.
We have been looking forward to the law catching up with the rest of the world and Mal helping us with the Government red tape and completing our 
"lawful marriage"
We were very impressed by the professionalism shown by Mal and his wife.
Wonderful, friendly and warm at all our meetings and the way 
which he conducted our marriage ceremony.
Thank you! for a wonderful wedding.
Francis & Jodie
                    Same Sex Marriages / Lesbian / Gay Marriages           wedding now YES !!!!
Master of Ceremonies
(We love the country)
          Civil Marriage Celebrant Mal Abrahamsen
                9 MIDDLE ST.  HADFIELD
                    (just past Nth Coburg, Melways 17 E4)
 SYDNEY GAY MARDI GRA LBGT Gay & Lesbian Marriages, weddings, gay marriage commitments. Government legislation pending.
PHONE:  every day  (03) 9323 5477 
10am - 9pm
                    Appointments to discuss want you want,
                  can be made for any day, at a time to suit.
                        EVERY DAY 10am - 10pm

              Thai language spoken and written here.                                                                                  
                            All our Civil Marriage Ceremonies can be written in English or Thai.
              Our free small Private wedding chapel is available,
              enough room for 25 guests or our gardens room for 50 people.
                                  We can celebrate your ceremony at your home   or 
                                           Anywhere you want, yes we can do it.
Marriage Celebrant Melbourne Gay & Lesbian Marriages, weddings, gay commitments. Government legislation pending.     
Your special day, everything in your wedding carefully planned and the ceremony conducted and celebrated
moment by moment.

Capturing life's best moments of  your life, your wedding

The planning, the feeling and the warmth
in your ceremony is

“Worth More than a Thousand Words”   

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Please call Mal to discuss all marriage questions you may have about your marriage.   Government legislation pending. Melbourne, weddings, commitments, Gay Lesbian. Gay & Lesbian Marriages, weddings, gay commitments. Government legislation pending.  Marriage, commitments, weddings. Gay & Lesbian Marriages, weddings, gay commitments. Government legislation pending.   Association Civil Marriage Celebrants. Melbourne,  Gay & Lesbian Marriages, weddings, government registry authorised to conduct marriages.
Bring on the rainbows:  Gay & Lesbian Same Sex  Marriages

 *Our standard fee covers everything for your MARRIAGE
AND includes our free wedding Chapel.