One of the best small wedding venues in Melbourne
Our free Wedding Chapel is now available.

A Melbourne Wedding Celebrant advertises $199
Do you wonder what you get, I dont wonder !
It does not compare to what I give.
I give real weddings including advice, planning and
 all government documents.

No Frills - Nothing Fancy
For your wedding & all your required marriage documents.  
All you need is you two and two witnesses.
In our cosy office: Quick, easy, simple. $395

 As he said "Simples"
Weddings here are more than a mere ceremony.  

We lodge your marriage with the 
government marriage registry.
We do better than Govt prices, 
better ceremony
better dates & times 
and plenty of free parking here.


9 Middle St  Hadfield.   
7 days a week
Want the best wedding ever ?
Then phone my office any day 
      Phone Everyday  10am - 9pm   
 (03) 9323 5477  or  0414 317 340
Let it ring it will transfer to me if I am out.
                                     I will reply asap with answers to all your questions.
BUDGET MARRIAGE IN OUR WEDDING OFFICE.government registry authorised. by
  • A no fuss wedding ceremony  
  • Bride, Groom and up to four (4) guests. 
  • Held in my office, or in our gardens. 
  • Days & times any day any time if booked.

ü  Better than Govt. prices
ü  Better choice of dates & times.
ü  We don't charge the expensive Govt. Penalty fees..
ü  Parking ? Think about parking in the city, for you and          your guests.
ü  Better  Plenty of parking here.
ü  Better  Our services and availability are much better.
ü  Better  Everything included, if you want something quick, easy and not expensive,


ü  Better resources to be married here quickly and for any special reason  including Visa support.,  

                                                          You need a Compulsory Notice Of Intended Marriage 
lodged with me at least one month before your marriage
            Download one  click here. Government marriage form

Complete the notice as much as you can then e-mail it to me at
with details of when you would like to get married 
I will check it for you and contact you to arrange a meeting.
If your partner is away or overseas, 
You complete your details & as much of your partners as you can. 
I can witness your signature at our meeting and make all the arrangements.
 I can see your marriage partner later.
Support for your partners Visa is not included in this budget wedding.
I can support you, there is a fee.
The full amount must be paid at our meeting when booking
 I will prepare your ceremony, check all the documents,
conduct the ceremony, prepare the government papers and give to you a
Ceremonial marriage certificate on the wedding day.
          Check list
          For your meeting with me, please bring:
          [  ] PASSPORT and if possible Birth certificate        
          [  ] Divorce papers. (or if your spouse is deceased, death certificate)
          [  ] $395  covers  your wedding & all documents,
                                                   (Sorry no ATM machine here, no credit cards)
   Marriage Celebrant
            9 Middle St  Hadfield.  (GLENROY)
  Phone any day  10am - 9pm  
  0414 317 340

Let it ring it will transfer to me if I am out.
            or send an e-mail to me at:  marry.me@live.com.au
     I will reply asap with answers to all your questions.

* Not available with any other offer.
 *Discount price does not include use of our Wedding Chapel.
 *Our fees include your marriage ceremony, all pre marriage government paperwork,
and lodging the marriage documents with the Government.
 Licenced & Govt. authorised Marriage Celebrant, 
This business is Government approved and registered.

Fully insured marriage celebrant.