A WONDERFUL HAPPY CEREMONYBest Celebrant weddings in Melbourne

Best Marriage Celebrant 
in Melbourne
for all overseas people including 
Thai brides and grooms 
for all wedding rituals and fantastic marriage ceremonies.
9 Middle St (HADFIELD) 
Near Nth Coburg & Glenroy     

Contacting me is easy: We speak English and Thai

 SEPT 1st - 13th September
Call my Thailand office 
from Melbourne after 1pm AEST  on 00 11 66 63 42 53 585

from within Thailand after 9am Thai time 063 42 53 585

Phone: 0414 317 340   or  (03) 9323 5477 

       For your meeting with me, please bring for me to see:  
  1.      Your passport and / or Birth Certificate
  2.      If divorced, Divorce papers. 
  3.        I can support your immigration visa application.
MONKS AT MELB WED WITH MAL, BRIDE & GROOM. Government registry authorised to conduct marriages.
We have arranged many marriage ceremonies for couples where one partner 
is Thai. 
My wife Nok is Thai, explains everything in Thai when needed, can be very helpful. If you have a shy nervous bride, Nok will make her very welcome and help her through all the arrangements, paperwork documents, & on the wedding day be there to support you, your bride and your families.

Thai monks being present to give their blessing.
I love being involved in making a bride and groom's special wedding day 
fun, relaxed, so enjoyable and seeing two people shine as one, 
by making a joyous day all about them. 
All ceremonies are about love, happiness, commitment and the fulfillment 
of your hopes and  dreams. 
Wedding Ceremonies allow us to share this special day with our friends.


A little touch of Thai
& more is possible.

THAI MONKS AT ONE OF OUR WEDDINGS IN MELBOURNE. Government registry authorised to conduct marriages.

MARRIAGE IN OUR WEDDING GARDEN (free). Government registry authorised to conduct marriages.

WEDDING CHAPEL IN MELBOURNE. Government registry authorised to conduct marriages.
An excellent Thai wedding


Our fee covers everything for your wedding

including our free wedding Chapel and Gardens, plus Certificate and Govt NOIM

For information and friendly assistance
PHONE Mal:   
0414 317 340 
Every day after 10am
Yes free use of our wedding gardens.

WEDDING PHOTO AT OUR MARRIAGE CEREMONY.  Government registry authorised to conduct marriages.THAI MONKS STATUE AT A WEDDDING. Government registry authorised to conduct marriages.