Marriage Celebrant Mal Abrahamsen

I think you have the right to know 
who is looking after one of the most most 
important day's in your life...

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Here’s just a little about me.
I served in the Royal Aust Navy and worked with the Australian army 
during the Vietnam war, (I am against wars)

I worked under cover for many years as a Private Eye.

I met and worked with many overseas artists including:
Frank Sinatra, Elton John, Bill Haley (& The Comets), David Cassidy, Gina Lollobrigida, 
Suzi Quatro and personally welcomed Michael Jackson to Melbourne.
That’s just a few of the many.

I also worked with Moscow Circus and dealt with KGB 
whilst the circus was here in Australia.  

One of the best and most experienced Marriage Celebrant in Melbourne.
I have conducted Over 300 Weddings in Melbourne and Suburbs.
Government Registered, Authorised and Insured.

Your Government documents
I have all the government documents that you need 
right here  in my office and I can help you to complete them all and 
if you need Immigration Visa support I can do that too

I can marry you  anywhere in Melbourne, 
all suburbs and all country towns
or you can use our free Chapel and Gardens

Yes we have our own Chapel and beautiful gardens FREE !

 Phone:    (03) 9323 5477  or  0414 317 340 
or Free Call: Whats App +61 414 317 340

                Formal: Serious old fashioned marriage with a hint of something old
and something new.
    Or Casual:  A fun, relaxed ceremony with lots of smiles and happy laughs.
                Or a mix of both: Your ceremony designed just as you want it. 

                 ELOPE WEDDINGS   24 hours 7 days a week click here.

If you would like to prepare your own Notice of Marriage you can

COMPARE WHAT I OFFER                                                                           GOVERNMENT MARRIAGE OFFICE
Parking: Plenty here, easy outside our front door.      Y                       NO
Phones answered immediately by me a Celebrant      Y                       NO
Your questions are answered by me on the spot.         Y                       NO
Our Chapel is free and not rushed in & out.              Y                        NO
Date & time you want is usually available.                 Y                        NO
Instant booking a date.                                                 Y                        NO
Friendly personal helpful staff (just us 2)                    Y                          ?
Our prices are competitive.                                          Y                        NO
Your ceremony designed as you want it.                     Y                        NO
Your choice of wedding location/venue                      Y                         NO
Strict government chapel rules.                                 NO                      YES
Full payment required when booking                        NO                      YES

 Please call me to discuss
or make an appointment to meet in Melbourne City or Hadfield (Glenroy) 
For all the information and govt documents that you need

Phone any day
   (03) 9323 5477  or  0414 317 340 

or Free Call: Whats App +61 414 317 340
I can help you complete all government paperwork no charge.
Or you can download the 'Notice of Intended Marriage' < click here
all details and help are here.


                                                      Our Wedding Chapel Decor can be changed to suit you.                                                                     
Weddings conducted wherever you desire.
 Your home, a local park, our free Chapel, our gardens,
a restaurant or a wedding reception centre etc. etc.
Weddings in all Melbourne suburbs and all Country towns.

           Over 300 Wedding ceremonies conducted including
some with true Aussie trends and customs.
Many wedding ceremonies with overseas partners, 
including Thailand, Nepal all Asian and western countries, 
Middle East and Europe. 
If you need Immigration Visa support I can do that too.
You get looked after here with a very warm experienced
very successful Wedding Celebrant
with a great reliable backup team.
We will help you with all you need for a
wonderful happy marriage ceremony on your wedding day

I can marry you anywhere in Melbourne all suburbs and country towns
Marriage Celebrant government registry authorised                         

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  Free Wedding Chapel & our Gardens hold up to 50 people

  If you send an e-mail to me with details, 
I will answer you asap.

             One of Melbourne's most experienced male Marriage Celebrants.
      I can support your visa application.

Your special day, everything for your wedding carefully planned,
the ceremony can be written as you like with your choice of words
conducted and celebrated moment by moment.
Capturing life's best moments of your life, your wedding.

The planning, the feeling and the warmth in your ceremony is 
“Worth More than a Thousand Words”  

See photos below
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   Free Wedding Chapel holds 22 people. Our gardens hold 50 persons.

Call me and make a time to suit, any day to get together               

Best wedding celebrant in Melbourne
One of the best MARRIAGE CELEBRANT: Weddings in OUR GARDENS

Beautiful Wedding at

In our wedding gardens

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Our Wedding Chapel and Gardens (free)
Marriage Celebrants Wedding Chapel Melbourne. government registry authorised

An excellent experienced Celebrant.
Now as per popular request.. 
I can be available as Master of Ceremonies for your reception.  

Our Free Wedding Chapel holds 20 people.   Our gardens hold 50 people 

     My services include our free wedding Chapel and all government papers.
  Let me be your celebrant, I will make sure it is the best possible.
In your home or garden or a local park, a restaurant a wedding reception centre 
or any Marriage venue that you want, you choose
         We have many marriage ceremony ideas    

         Many marriage wedding ideas and many wedding rituals.                             
  • I am a government authorised, Marriage Celebrant
  • Full time professional wedding celebrant and can assist you with many wedding ideas
  • Vast experience, 300 ceremonies all types of weddings, & rituals.
  • Weddings are a time to enjoy, a good marriage ceremony with...... 
  • Loving words, spirit, warmth and happiness for your wedding
  • I am easy going, relaxed, young at heart and very friendly.
  • I write and conduct all kinds of marriage ceremonies, to your desire

  • All types of marriage ceremonies, in all Melbourne Suburbs & Country.
  • My wife is Thai with Uni degrees in journalism, she speaks & writes Thai beautifully 
  • We can translate your wedding ceremony to Thai if you want.
  • We can assist you with explaining the marriage ceremony to your partner -
  • - in Thai or anyone who needs help in any language.
  • I can support you fiancee  or spouse Visa application.

                                             International theme weddings
                             We cater for people from all countries, 
                             all traditions, all styles and many wedding options.
Marry in our very popular Wedding Chapel 
up to 20 people free or our wedding gardens up to 100 people
Rituals & Theme weddings are a specialty.

For some of the weddings I have conducted, see my "photos page"

                                               MARRIAGE CELEBRANTS MELBOURNE                  
               Thai written & spoken here.
                  I will write your marriage ceremony just how you want it written.

We have a very lovely Chapel, better than a commercial venue.
We have conducted many wedding ceremonies here including:
 Thai, Rose theme, sand theme, candles, non religious, 
Government authorised registry marriages,
A Marriage held Geelong.  Melbourne government registry authorised
Clients from almost every country in the world, including:
Australia, Scotland, England, Ireland, Africa, Eritrea, France, India, Italy, Iran, Iraq, China, U.S.A. Japan, Nepal, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Thailand.

I have conducted over 300 weddings in:

MALVERN MARANOA GARDENS                                                                            MELBOURNE BOTANICAL GARDENS  
                              SHELDON RECEPTIONS SUNSHINE     
                              SHERWOOD RECEPTIONS GREENVALE
                               SOVEREIGN HILL, BALLARAT
                               St.KILDA BOTANICAL GARDENS
                               St KILDA PIER
                               TAYLORS LAKES RECEPTIONS
                               TENNIS CLUB HADFIELD
                               TURKISH RESTAURANTS IN COBURG
                               WERRIBEE MANSION
                               YACHT CLUB MORDIALLOC 
                               ZOO   MELBOURNE  
                                and many many more.

3000, 3004, 3002, 3031, 3042, 3034, 3038, 3039, 3056, 3058, 3002, 3016, 3043,3044, 
3046, 3051, 3053, 3065, 3066, 3067, 3068, 3040, 3042, 3206, 3207, 3020, 3078, 3018, 3025, 3022, 3108, 3142, 3143, 3032, 3034, 3071, 3072, 3075, 3079, 3084, 3183, 3193, 3128, 3019, 3122, 3186, 3047, 3025, 3105, 3083, 3121, 3125, 3124, 3061, 3126, 3053, 3163, 3162, 3068, 3058, 3066, 3048, 3182, 3004, 3186, 3181, 3143, 3183, 3141, 3205, 3131, 3011, 

  Attorney Generals List of Commonwealth registered 

Our free Chapel: 9 Middle St. Hadfield 3046
('tween N. Coburg & Glenroy)

  We can help you with
information and govt documents that you need

Phone Mal every day
Phone: 0414 317 340   or  (03) 9323 5477

or Free Call Whats App +61 414 317 340

We also recommend www.MelbourneCelebrants.info There is a fab boutique Wedding Chapel and its free.
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Authorised Marriage Celebrant Melbourne.

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